Thursday, June 23, 2011

Water Quality Course 2011: exclusive video access!

In February 2011, TREC in Homestead, FL, hosted a Water Quality Course (WQC), bringing together leading experts and researchers in the water quality field.

The week’s events included presentations, field days, and hands-on exercises.

A novel aspect of this most recent WQC was the constant presence of a UF media team capturing video of all the goings-on. The objective: document sundry course content - lectures, technology demonstrations and hands-on exercises - for synthesis into a comprehensive on-line Water Quality Course!

The latest news is that much of the video editing has already been completed! Further, if all goes according to schedule, come February 2012, for a nominal fee, students, academics, regulatory professionals et al. can enroll in the online course and benefit from the wealth of knowledge TREC hosted this past winter.

In the meantime, enjoy this exclusive ABEWF blog peek into what was Water Quality Course 2011.

Dr. Kati Migliaccio – UF (34 Minutes)
Surface Water Quality Sampling

Douglas Yoder – MDC Water & Sewer (41 Minutes)
The 20 Year Water Supply Challenge

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  1. Thanks for the post Mike! If you view this and would like more information - please contact Kati ( All videos are presently being organized into a sakai course format that will be available to UF free of charge and outside UF for a fee. This is a very educational program and includes expertise from all over the US. Eventually (2012-2013)- Yuncong Li will lead an effort to create a semester long graduate course on this topic.