Friday, June 17, 2011

Update from Kevin!

Hi everyone!

I have read through some of the recent posts and it looks like things are going great!

In May I graduated from MSU and am now on to new things. I am planning on doing some international volunteer work prior to returning to graduate school in a year or two. My original plan was to become a Peace Corps volunteer but federal budget cuts have delayed my potential departure date and their isn't any certainty that it will work out for me, however who knows. So I have started to look for other opportunities to volunteer abroad either as a teacher or working on water and sanitation projects. Hopefully I will find something that will allow me to leave in the late fall going to East Africa or South Asia. I guess things don't always happen as planned and sometimes end up being for the best, I hope that is the case!

I am leaving tomorrow to be a summer camp counselor at a camp in Up State New York for the rest of summer which should be fun!

In others news my senior capstone project on wetland mitigation design got top 3 in the ASABE Environmental Design Competition and will be presented at the ASABE in Louisville in August. If you go to the conference check it out, my next post will be a little about the project!
Good memory of the sunset at TREC!

I hope the lychee are as good as last year!

- Kevin

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