Wednesday, December 12, 2012

I.A. Confidential

In early November I was among the many educators, students, experts, industry representatives and stakeholders attending the Irrigation Association’s (IA) annual Irrigation Show and Education Conference in Orlando, FL.

Rolling deep
The University of Florida helped kick-off the Technical Sessions in Landscape with no less than five presentations!

Gator Nation: how we dooz it!
This included Dr. Kati Migliaccio presenting in place of graduate student Nicole Dobbs...
Dr. Migliaccio presents FAWN Interactive Irrigation Tool for Florida
 ...and several presentations from my current group...
Dr. Michael Dukes
 ...about smart irrigation projects in Orange County and Pinellas County and a Florida Friendly Landscaping study.
From left: Maria Zamora, Kizzy Boyer & Dr. Migliaccio
The Show
In addition to the technical presentations I also attended the irrigation show.
Abandon bad practices all ye who enter!
This portion of the event occupied one of the Orange County Convention Center’s larger spaces, featuring hundreds of display booths from manufacturers representing every aspect of the irrigation industry.

Toro's Precision nozzle by strobe light
Decagon: not your grandpa's ECHO probe
When you absolutley positively have to tap the earth's core...
Changing the game: a 22 station ESP! 
There were also smaller discussion groups running concurrent to the larger events. One of these talks afforded me the chance to meet two of the social media and water conservation dynamos I most admire.
From left: Martha Golea & Richard Restuccia
On the beat for efficient irrigation
In addition to attending presentations and learning about the latest products, while in Orlando I had another mission. Miami-Dade’s Urban Conservation Unit (UCU) also made the trek north to attend the show and whenever we’re together chances are good that there's a video camera present and a UCU production is afoot!

From left: Jesus Lomeli and me
This was definitely the case in Orlando, where we seized the opportunity of access to a wide collection of irrigation experts in one locale and produced what is arguably our most ambitious work to date. Enjoy!

2013: ATX!