Thursday, June 30, 2011

Retrofits a-go-go: 2 new videos online!

I recently produced two videos for Miami-Dade Extension’s Urban Conservation Unit (UCU). Each video documents a different kind of urban landscape irrigation system retrofit for increased water-use efficiency.

The knack…and how to get it

One of the UCU’s main objectives in our fieldwork is to convince homeowners, contractors and property managers that efficiency in irrigation is a good and practical idea.

To this end we invest plenty face and brain time in engaging stakeholders while on-site during system assessments and later when churning out exacting reports about system deficiencies and possible solutions.

Beyond fighting the good fight, and meeting all types of people in all corners of Miami-Dade, a more tangible reward from our work arrives when people “get it.” And there's no harder evidence of “getting it” than when we revisit a property to assess a totally revamped irrigation system that embodies efficient practices in action.

Video 1: Lifestyles of the "smart" & efficient

This video is a homeowner guided tour of his retrofitted irrigation system. Once he received our initial assessment report, he not only upgraded his mechanical city water system to digital, but also installed drip irrigation, rotator heads and a brand of “smart” (weather-based) timer we had yet to see used in the field. He did all of this himself. See the video here!

Video 2: Bombas y valvulas

This video features a well-water system retrofitting from mechanical to digital. If you can overlook the wall/surface staining and occasional stench, well-water systems are somewhat luxurious - the water is free and in seemingly endless supply! Add to this the fact that running a high-voltage pump with a low-voltage digital timer requires expensive electrical work and its clear why this kind of retrofit is rare. Fortunately, I was able to video a friendly, knowledgeable contractor during just such an occasion. And because irrigation is the universal language, I shot it in Spanish! Oprime aqui para ver el video!

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