Monday, December 5, 2011

New video online: Research and development!

I recently produced a video for the Urban Conservation Unit (U.C.U.). This short work touches upon the foundation of many of the equipment and practice recommendations we make in our daily urban landscape irrigation system assessments throughout Miami-Dade: research!

Solid research into the water savings potential of both soil water sensors and weather-based timers is not only why these devices are now available on the mass market, but also why we suggest property managers and homeowners implement them into their inefficient irrigation regimes.

And when discussing irrigation-related research in Miami-Dade County, who better to consult than our very own Water Resource team here at TREC!

The starting lineup!

The video features Masters student Nicki Dobbs introducing her field study analyzing the effects of different irrigation control devices on nutrient leaching...

...Water Resource Tech Michael Gutierrez touching very briefly upon the Landscape Irrigation Project he has been working on since 2007...

...and Dr. Kati Migliaccio offering an overview of what we do and why research is critical.

View the video here.

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  1. Great job Mike! You guys have accomplished many wonderful things with this program - definitely more than was expected. What a great group of people!