Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Cultural interlude: two Spanish-language videos!

I recently produced a Spanish-language video for the Urban Conservation Unit (U.C.U.). This short work features a conservation-minded homeowner offering a tour of his self-installed and Über-efficient irrigation system – facilitated both by our recommendations and the MDC irrigation rebate program.

In with the new

When we first visited this property, all the tell-tale signs of inefficient water-use were present and accounted for:

...mechanical irrigation timer with indexing valve

...high-volume spray heads in excess - overwatering from the turf into the street and dousing established trees and shrubs in shaded areas.

Soon after our visit, the proactive homeowner took matters into his own hands and addressed all aspects of his system to increase efficiency:

...a digital timer with electric valves and a widely available “smart” add-on device replaced the old system.

This smart add-on keeps things simple by using historical regional climate information as a base, then adjusting irrigation run-times using on-site solar radiation and rainfall information.

Spray heads in shaded areas were removed and, where necessary, were replaced with adjustable micro-sprays.

And all sprays heads on turf were removed and replaced with efficient multi-stream rotators.

But don’t take my word for it, tour the system here!

An oldie but a goodie

Dwarfing all UCU videos produced to date, a short Spanish-language work we released earlier this year about drip line irrigation is a bonafide hit!

3,000+ views and counting, this piece was inspired by a homeowner association (HOA) in North Miami Beach that went from zero to hero with its irrigation system efficiency.

Outfitted with a classic mechanical/digital hybrid timer when initially assessed, with high-volume spray heads watering both turf and hedges, it also acted upon our recommendations to improve efficiency and reduce water-use.

How? Installing the smart timer we assigned it as part of the HOA program, and replacing all spray heads with drip-line in its shrub zones.

See what all the fuss is about here!

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