Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Another year

Well, 2012 is on its way and we are ending 2011. Much has happened this year and our group should be proud of each and everyone's accomplishments. Thank you to everyone for your dedication and hard work! I look forward to an exciting and productive 2012! Here are a few memories from 2011.

Isaya presenting at extension. Always an excellent substitute - and good speaker!

Kaileigh downloading data at Snapper Creek. Kaileigh was part of the NSF REU last summer and will graduate from Purdue in 2012.

Tina and the mosquitoes at C111 - don't worry she gets the data no matter what!

Teresa and I helping Isaya in C111. I miss my Brazilian friend!

And, let's not forget the water quality conference! Aime saved my life this year.

And, a big thanks to Mike who helps make us look good on the web and in film! Not to mention collect great research data!

Looking forward to an even better 2012!


  1. Great image choices, Kati! No doubt, 2011 was a very productive year! And we have the blog entries to prove it - documenting all our work and accomplishments (my new round of installs, Nicki's massive plot undertaking, the neverending C-111 adventures, etc.) and also recording experiment guides (Isaya's Richards Plate proceedings) for possible use in the future. The UCU and I are squeezing 2011 to its last day, but that doesn't stop me from looking forward to a massive 2012!

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  3. Dr. Kati thank you for all your support and guidance to our research group. That makes all the difference.