Friday, July 2, 2010

"Smart" irrigation in Spanish!

This week I produced a video for the Urban Conservation Unit team at Miami-Dade Extension.

This video discusses on-site "smart" irrigation controllers. This kind of irrigation timer uses detailed irrigation zone information as well as information gathered from its own weather sensor to estimate evapotranspiration and replenish the landscape as needed.

The video features UCU team member Jesus Lomeli and is in Spanish for the Spanish-speaking, irrigation-loving legions here and beyond.

The older English version, featuring UCU team leader Mary McCready can be found here:


  1. Great pics! Was the ET controller for a home owner? Interesting... Please keep posting!!

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  3. The ET controller in the video is in a large property in Doral. This is the second one we've assessed in Doral. Every time a ET is assessed, we tweet it. Follow us here: