Monday, July 5, 2010

July begins with two new research properties!

Last week, two additional homeowner properties, participating in Miami-Dade Extension’s Water-Use Efficiency Program, elected to take part in the pair-wise study.

The day began with a rain-accompanied top-to-bottom irrigation system retrofit. Keeping only the existing backflow device, we installed the soil water sensor system, electric valves and two water meters. These total retrofits serve not only as an incentive for the homeowner to participate in the study, but also afford me a level of certainty that all zones are running during an irrigation event – something the mechanical indexing valve cannot guarantee.

The day concluded at a property with a pre-existing digital timer and electric zone valve irrigation system. We connected the soil water sensor add-on device to the timer and installed a water meter on each experimental zone.

These properties are now two more stops during my reading days – when I collect data in the field to verify soil water sensors’ water savings potential in urban landscape irrigation.

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  1. Great job! Making good progress on sites this year. Please remember to share your data with Isaya sometime before he goes back to Gainesville. I will likely shift the analysis to Nicki Dobbs (new student) once she is on board. Isaya can do this in GNV.