Monday, April 29, 2013

South FL Landscape Irrigation Symposium: Spring Edition

Earlier this month I trekked to South Florida to participate in the Landscape Irrigation Symposium. This event, partnering public and private entities, highlighted the latest irrigation efficiency technology and information.

Covering all bases
Tailored for property managers, municipal workers and area contractors, the symposium featured six vendor booths, property management speakers, utility representatives and UF/IFAS experts.
Rose Bechard-Butman talks Florida Friendly Landscaping
The topics covered ranged from Florida Friendly Landscaping, basic irrigation physics, water requirement standards, smart irrigation and some product demonstrations. 
Barbara Powell fields questions about Broward County's conservation initiatives
Precision multi-streams: the Toro team sacrifices dryness for the cause
High-volume be gone: Broward County's Robert Carew reps for low-flow
Tri-county effort
The symposium was held at the Broward County Extension Office. This was my first time visiting this location. In fact, one of the unique aspects of the symposium is that it is the result of collaborative work among individuals in Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties!

Jesus Lomeli and the Rain Bird rep discuss the finer points of rain sensing
University of Florida luminaries Dr. Kati Migliaccio and Dr. Michael Dukes
Outreach media
And if the subject matter is urban landscape irrigation in South Florida, of course Miami-Dade’s Urban Conservation Unit was in attendance!
Jesus Lomeli and Laura Vasquez: U.C.U. in pre-test mode
Having prepared a teaser video to herald the event earlier in the year, it was only fitting that we should roll cameras to document how everything finally came to fruition. You can view the report-back video here or below.

A regional hit!
As Dr. Migliaccio mentioned in a previous blog entry, interest in the symposium was so overwhelming that plans are already in the works to mount another event in the fall. Stay tuned!
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  1. Awesome blog post! This was a great meeting and thanks for providing the visuals!! The next event is scheduled for early October for those that are interested!