Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Tropical Storm Isaac

We took precautions here in deep South Dade this past weekend as threats of Isaac were close at hand.
We were cautious out at the C111 site and removed and protected some of our more sensitive equipment. Although we did not receive a direct hit by the storm we did receive some rain and wind. The sites close to the Loveland slough, although higher in elevation than some of our other sites, was one of the areas that can not handle a big rain event and the pictures are an example of this. Luckily there were no crops planted at the time.
Approaching VC1 site with obvious overflow of the Loveland Slough

Flooding in the fields adjacent to Loveland Slough

More flooding of fields near the slough


  1. Great shots, Tina. Lots of consistent rain here in Central FL over the past several days due to Isaac's outer bands. Media outlets are generating some good visuals from the storm's landfall in the Gulf Coast. See a sample here.

  2. Great pics Tina! Wow! That is some water!! Glad we just had rain from Isaac!