Monday, August 6, 2012

AIM 2012 Conference

Nicki did a great job presenting her research at ASABE! Yeah Nicki! She presented her field study results and had good attendance.

 Likewise, Isaya gave an excellent presentation on his MODFLOW modeling. I was very proud of both of them and their hard work paid off!

 We ran into some old friends (Nicholas)!! Yes, we are in a limo!! And, made some new friends (Hebert).

 We also were super excited to have Kaileigh (2011 REU) with us at the conference. She presented her REU poster and it was very impressive!

I hope we all see each other again next year in Kansas City!


  1. Great post, Kati! Happy to see Kaileigh and Nicholas! You did, however, neglect to mention this year’s ASABE Young Extension Worker Award Winner. Why it’s none other Dr. Kati Migliaccio - for her outstanding contributions in agricultural sustainability, water resource conservation, and water protection as a teacher, researcher, and extension specialist. That’s what’s up! Congratulations! (photo credit: me!)

  2. Nice Mike... and yes your picture as perfect! Thanks!!