Friday, February 24, 2012

New video online: multi-stream madness!

I recently produced a new video for the Urban Conservation Unit (UCU). This micro-video revisits the topic of the multi-stream spray nozzle as a more efficient alternative to the conventional spray nozzle.

Gone with the wind

conventional spray nozzle

The multi-stream nozzle is preferable to the spray nozzle because it is not as prone to wind drift and it applies water at a more efficient rate.

These are two critical points because the first rule in landscape irrigation is always hit the intended target! Further, due to the prevalence of head mixing in South Florida systems (putting slow watering rotors and quick watering sprays on the same zone)…

Rotor v. spray: everyone loses!

...adding multi-stream nozzles to spray heads in this context can help correct watering imbalances and compensate for poor zone design.

This video demonstrates simple methods for retrofitting spray nozzles on both pop-up heads and risers.

We few, we happy few

Before: array of sprays on a grass strip

Thanks in part to the UCU’s efforts and a handful of trail blazing contractors, we now encounter multi-stream nozzles more and more during our irrigation system assessments throughout Miami-Dade County.

After: array of multi-streams on a grass strip

See the video here.

Be still my heart: drip line for a shrub zone (L) and multi-stream for turf zone (R)!

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