Wednesday, February 15, 2012

At the Symposium: judging and presenting!

Today was poster presentation day at the 3rd Water Institute Symposium at the University of Florida.

Nicki's poster before the stampede
Step right up!

Masters student Nicki Dobbs presented a poster entitled Interactive Tool for Simulating Water Management in a Virtual Turfgrass System.

Nicki schools attendees about her work

Once the exhibition session formally commenced, Ms. Dobbs was beset by a constant influx of inquisitive onlookers and passersby, with the occasional poster judge thrown into the mix.

So nice they used it twice

Meanwhile, while on my campus travels I came upon a curious oddity: a purple spinkler cap on a spray head near a bus stop. Eager to learn what manufacturer would be so bold as to market a purple cap, I went in for a closer look only to find, in large lettering, the message: DO NOT DRINK.

I later learned, courtesy of Dr. Michael Dukes, that much of the landscape irrigation on the UF campus uses reclaimed water. Read more about that here.

But wait, there's more!

Our final day in Gainesville promises to be eventful, as I am assisting a strawberry harvesting crew in nearby Citra, and Nicki learns about the award status of her poster.

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