Friday, September 9, 2011

All images courtesy of: yours truly!

One aspect of what I do on a daily basis that offers some respite from the hard science and public education work that characterize my tasks with the Water Resource team and the Urban Conservation Unit (UCU) involves visual media – both still and video.

In August, I had the honor of having a collection of some of my UCU field pictures used as art for irrigation-related articles in two publications.

In early August, South Florida Water Management District issued their new Water Efficiency Improvement Guide for Commercial and Institutional Facility Managers. As its title suggests, this comprehensive manual offers a bevy of water-use efficiency information for property managers.

The outdoor irrigation and landscaping section begins on page 96, and is peppered with many UCU equipment and inefficient practice field shots! You can download the manual (and see my work) here.


The Florida Water Resources Journal is a publication that highlights topics of interest to Florida’s water and waste water professionals.

The August issue features an article by Dr. Kati Migliaccio and Extension Agent/UCU team leader Mary McCready that not only discusses the latest research in irrigation control technology, but also provides an excellent detailing of Miami-Dade County’s recent efforts to introduce the use of this technology in South Florida– an initiative that has birthed both the UCU and the research project I work on. Visuals for this article are provided by the UCU! You can find it on page 18-20, here.

The UCU collection

Michael in action: mirror in the back yard? Don't mind if I do!

Eager for additional field pictures? You can enjoy more of my still media work here.

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  1. Mirror in backyard??? Interesting.... nice pictures Mike! You really do add to our ability to show our work by providing us with these great shots!