Monday, August 15, 2011

Update on C111 data collection during summer of 2011

C111 has been interesting this summer. Despite battling many mosquitoes, braving high temperatures and humidity, tromping through the mud and dense vegetation, we are on schedule with weekly data collection.
We have noticed a lot of surface ponding at the monitoring sites next to Loveland Slough, and VM3.
Over summer the fields have not been under active crop production, but we have recently seen growers plowing the fields signaling that the next growing season is soon approaching.

Isaya downloading Enviroscans at site VM4

Tina tromping through the mud at site VC1

Isaya reducing the vegetation growth at site VM3

Surface ponding in fields adjacent to Loveland Slough

Surface ponding next to VM3

Growers beginning to prepare the fields


  1. Nice photos - I think we will all be glad to see rainy season go!! Nice field work Isaya and Tina!

  2. Awesome, y'all! Working with those electronics out there is intense enough, the summer's punishing effects certainly don't help. I've noticed a total lack of cover crop use these days driving around Homestead in the off season. Is this the case in these areas? Keep up the good work and documentation!