Monday, August 1, 2011

From zero to hero: new video & ET research site online!

I recently produced a video for Miami-Dade Extension's Urban Conservation Unit (UCU). This video features a homeowner property that we saw transition from having no irrigation system to having a “smart,” well-designed, water-efficient system.

Access! Access! Access!

This video is unique because it was born from us rather suddenly having access to a property initiating an irrigation system from scratch.

old unreliable

A conservation-minded irrigation contractor friendly with the UCU and working with the homeowners advised them to sign onto the MDC Irrigation Rebate Program.

weather-based timer

He then notified us of his high-minded plans for the system there: “smart” weather-based timer, plant-based zone design, and efficient MP rotator heads everywhere.

If you like it put a meter on it!

On our initial assessment site visit, not only did we find it video worthy, but I found it research worthy as well. We began filming immediately, and later the homeowners were invited to participate in the ET-based timer study and accepted.

I delivered a water meter to the contractor and during the pipe-work necessary to install the new electric valves he attached the meter on the system’s mainline.

from L to R: water meter, backflow device & new valves

The follow-up

Two months later we returned to the property for the post-assessment and found the new system installed as promised. We filmed the follow-up footage and after another month, when the still-new turf was better established, the data collection for the ET-based timer study began.

See the video here!

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  1. Great post Mike! I really like the video! Always nice to see good products.