Friday, December 24, 2010

The winter of our winter arrives early

Early last week, South Florida experienced two evenings of freezing temperatures (a minimum of 34 in South Miami-Dade). According to reports, temperatures had not dipped so low so early in the season since 1962.

On the TREC campus nestled in Homestead, the frost made for some lovely winter scenes.

For growers and managers tending the estimated 15,000 acres of crops cultivated in the region around TREC, the effects of the freeze were much less festive.

On a recent data downloading expedition, the Water Resource Engineering team had an opportunity to survey field upon field of burned or severely burned crops.

We also saw the promise of hardier and bountiful tomorrows….

…and persistent efforts to save the salvageable.

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  1. Mike, great photos! Will definitely want copies! I haven't heard how many lost crops so far - hopefully not too many. This has been a strange winter so far!