Thursday, December 9, 2010

One sprinkler at a time…a new video

I recently produced a new video for Miami-Dade Extension’s Urban Conservation Unit. This piece is a departure from our usual “how-to”/educational approach to our videos. The form for this one is more short documentary, at times summarizing or detailing the work that we do on our travels around Miami-Dade.

What began as a practice video to help familiarize us with Extension's newly acquired Sony HD camera developed into something completely different in the editing process. In fact, the narrative demanded a much broader scope so I was able to complement the newer clips with segments dating back to our earliest works.

At the moment, we are contemplating submitting this video to the Borscht Film Festival, a local, artist-run indie celebration of Miami-inspired and Miami-focused cinema. Our perspective is unique and I think worthy.

Is it that good? You be the judge! Screen it and if you can envision it projected at the Performing Arts Center in downtown Miami (or not), comment on this post. Feedback is encouraged and appreciated!

One sprinkler at a time – Miami-Dade County’s Urban Conservation Unit


  1. This is a great production. My only complaint is that you only see Mike on rare occasion -

    I will include a link when I update the MDC project website.

    Thanks Mike!

  2. great video! i can't wait to come to Homestead next year and help out with such a great mission!

    i don't know what the Borscht Film Festival is like, but it seems like a well-made video with an informative message to me :)