Monday, June 14, 2010


As I am the only one posting (besides Mike, thank you Mike)... I'm curious if anyone else is reading this BLOG - is it useful or not? Feedback?


  1. I have just signed to blog website today since I could not remember my password! Well I had to create another account. I will be sending in my contributions in the near future. I thing having a blog page is a good of knowing what is happening in our group.

  2. I think its a great idea. My work with Extension generates so much interesting info I am backed up! I have 2 posts in the works. It may be that folks in our group are just unaccustomed to this kind of info sharing???
    Great retooling of layout, Kati!

  3. Thanks Mike... this is a 'new' format they had and I thought it was appropriate for our group. :)