Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Saving water is easy!

I recently produced a video for Miami-Dade’s Urban Conservation Unit (U.C.U.). This short piece is a speedy guide through the irrigation rebate process for homeowners in Miami-Dade County.

Miami je t'aime!
99% perspiration
Marinating in U.C.U. tech Jesus Lomeli’s brain for nearly three years, the video finally came to fruition in the fall of 2012. Why? Well, everyone’s always asking him stuff! Namely, "how do I get rebated for fixing my irrigation system?" So he and I discussed the highlights of the application process and then the writing began.

Ask me about irrigation rebates!
Run it!
The plan: race through the different procedural steps from start to finish with sound effects, quick edits, a sprinkling of live action clips and a smattering of our massive stock of irrigation stills.  

NE 2nd Ave: not just a thoroughfare that bisects the entire City of Miami!
Written and shot in November and December and then dropped on an unsuspecting world last month, we were pleased with the finished product and we were not alone.
Pipes in the ground? Right this way!
Ride the wave
Released over twitter and facebook, it didn’t take long for others to fall in love and champion the piece from coast to coast. In fact, the video was prominently featured on the facebook page of one the largest irrigation contractor firms in the U.S.!
Notes? We take 'em!
And soon after it made the rounds, the higher-ups at IFAS came knocking. Result: all U.C.U.-tied social media tentacles are now “official” and all future videos will include sleek new logos.

U.C.U., brush your shoulders off!
On YouTube...and in your yard!
Attention is all well and good, but since the beginning the primary motivation has always been to use new media to engage and educate the public about water conservation in general and irrigation efficiency in particular.

Most Florida counties only dream of the resources Miami-Dade commits to landscape irrigation-focused initiatives (I travel the state and I know). Working in this context and having the opportunity to represent the programs you execute in the fashion you see fit is a beautiful thing. I enjoy being a part of this effort and I hope it shows.

See the video here or above, and stay tuned!

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  1. Thanks for the post Mike - great stuff (not sure perspiration should be followed by marinating... ha)