Tuesday, October 16, 2012

My surveys in Tram Chim National Park 

My research has interviews for local people to determine how fish and plants in the Park benefit them. I collaborated with an official in the Park for interviews. We rode motors to find the local people who exploited fish and plants in the Park last year. For a long time, I did not ride a motor! Now, I am not kidding, riding is amazing!!!

Our survey team, my friend working in the Park and me
 We traveled to local people's residence areas. Some people live near canals.

Local people's house floor is built higher than flood water level 
Between local people's house and the Park's levee is a canal
This time, we interviewed local people in a coffee shop (you will see coffee shop everywhere in Vietnam!!!)
Some houses are far from the Park. I am interviewing local people in a local coffee shop

Traditionally, rural people wear no shirt at home, like to sit on their house floor for talking, and invite us drinking their tea

Here is the monitoring tower for the Park's protection. I will take some landscape photos from here

I did some investigation of water gates. Next time, I will do some "swimming-in-flood water" surveys!!!

We did surveys in the morning and input data in the afternoon. How poor my Vietnamese was!!! Sometimes, I needed my friend to express my questions to the local people. For questionnaires, of courses, I have modified my questions many times to become friendlier to local people.

This time is the flood time in the Mekong River Delta. You will see some plants and fish next blogs! 


  1. Wonderful pictures! I can't wait to visit your country one day! It looks like you are making great progress on your research. Be careful on those motorcycles!!

  2. Fantastic post, Tahn! All these great images! Looking forward to seeing the wildlife.