Friday, July 27, 2012

NSF REU 2012

We were very happy to have had Jacob and Evan with us the past few weeks. They were a great addition to our team and will be missed. They both completed projects related to Snapper Creek and contributed to our understanding of that system and ET. We wish them all the best as they return to their universities and complete their undergraduate degrees! Please keep in touch!!


  1. That is a picture for the wall of fame, Kati! I second the sentiment. This week I collaborated with Evan & Jacob on a video about this summer's work in South Florida and I can attest to their inquisitiveness, smarts and disarming affability. I'll see them later this week in Gainesville. Stay tuned for a post about their video and other updates from my continuing adventures in visual media & irrigation!

  2. Jacob and Evan,
    It was great getting to meet you both, you were a lot of fun. I know you both will be successful in your future endeavors, you not only are two intelligent young men, but you both have great personalities, in which in some instances can take you even further!