Friday, June 22, 2012

Home is where I can wield a camera!

In late May I was given a sleek video camera and a task – get as many clips as possible of different types of irrigation heads and low-volume irrigation examples before June 1st. The objective: video content to illustrate different landscape irrigation options for a University of Florida (UF) installation in Washington, D.C.!

 In May, guesting with the UCU: great shot, lousy ET station location!

Folk it up!

The Smithsonian Folklife Festival begins next week and UF is one of several land-grant universities participating in the event.

UF's installation will highlight its sundry array of water-related work and research.

Have camera will travel

Well, if you know me you know I love visual media as much as I love getting dirty in the field with sprinklers! So I took the camera with me on home visits in Orlando to capture different heads in mild-mannered settings, and I also visited Orange County Extension and Alachua County Extension to shoot their amazing native and flower gardens.

At Alachua County Extension: a micro-spray in action
I soon compiled a hot clip collection to complement the UF media team’s existing bank of footage. In addition, the team loved a sequence from one of my Urban Conservation Unit videos so much, they snagged it right off the web!
Going FL-friendly: a shot so nice it's on the web...twice!

You can view videos of all the UF programs to be showcased in D.C. here. My contributions can be found in the Landscape Irrigation section: drip and microjets! I also generated the copy detailing each type of sprinkler.
Ready for your close-up?
I haven’t produced a formal video since February, but I hope to take my talents to South Florida in late July for some speedy production work. See you then!