Friday, April 6, 2012

The Growing Season out at C111 Comes to an End

Isaya and I have seen many crops this year, and due to our weekly downloads have had the pleasure of watching many go from seed to harvest.

Isaya and Nicki taking measurements for LAI in a young corn field

Several weeks later same corn field being harvested

With the heat now starting to creep up on us we realize that the season will soon come to an end, and this is exactly what we witnessed on our last download.

Ploughing a field of recently harvested yellow squash

However in the midst of the season wrapping up and the land being cleared their is still, at least for the next couple of weeks, a failry young crop of green beans (they are one of the last seasonal crops that can withstand a bit higher temperatures).

We did not suffer any major frosts or freezes this year so hopefully our farmers had a successful year. We will continue to collect our weekly downloads but we are definitely looking forward to our next growing season!


  1. Great pictures, team! Everyone up north tells me this past winter has been the mildest in a while. This week brought 90 degree heat. I wonder how the moderate temps will affect the mangos & lychees?
    I had a new post cooked and ready to serve, but blog etiquette dictates a few days for a new entry to bask in the limelight. Watch for new content sometime next week.

  2. You guys have done so much in your program. I am very proud of your efforts!