Monday, November 14, 2011

NRCS video on particle-size analysis by hydrometer

This is a video from USDA - Natural Resources Conservation Service that explains how to perform particle-size analysis using the standard hydrometer method.

The video highlights the important steps and precautions (e.g., constant temperature and proper plugging) that need to be taken to ensure accurate hydrometer readings.

The video also addresses the limitation of this method when the sample to be analyzed is high in soluble solids (i.e., flocculation occurs and particles settle unnaturally). In these cases readings from the hydrometer will not be accurate and another method that removes soluble solids is recommended.

See the video here.


  1. Excellent post! great information - I'm sure we will use it in the future. Isaya and Kevin used this method in our lab.

  2. Thanks for this posting.
    Your blog is very knowledgeable!! Keep it always updated.
    The Layer Thickness package is accurate with multiple layers.