Monday, April 18, 2011

Re-installation of Enviroscan probes at C-111 04-13-2011

From our QA/QC it was decided that probes at VC1A, VC1B and AK6B probably had air pockets and needed to be reinstalled. Below are a few pictures illustrating the types of tasks that were performed by the team to ensure that re-installation of the probes was a success. I would like to thank the following people for helping on this day:

  1. Dr Bruce Schaffer
  2. Dr Kati Migliaccio
  3. Dr Teresa Pissarra
  4. Mrs Tina Dispenza
  5. Mrs Daisy Liu

Dr Schaffer drills the access tube hole, Isaya is balancing the weight on the opposite side of the drill in order to get a straight hole while Dr Migliaccio removes stones using a trowel from falling back into the drilled hole at site VC1 A and VC1B.

Teresa operates the drill while Dr Schaffer balances the weight at the opposite side to ensure that a straight hole is drilled Site AK6B (This site was problematic due to the roughness of the bed rock)

Tina preparing the cement mixture

Dr Migliaccio and Daisy inserting the access tube into the drilled hole and pouring a mixture of fast setting cement around the PVC to seal the small gap between the access tube and soil for improving contact ensure accurate soil water measurements.

Relocation of the Enviroscan probe at C-111 site VC1A


  1. This was a great field day filled with trials! The last hole we drilled was one tough cookie! Hopefully this will resolve some of our data issues due to air pockets around the probes. We should also thank Moses for his contributions to installing the equipment on Friday. Great job to everyone!! I think we should give the drill a name - any ideas?

  2. I heard tell of stories 'bout that last hole. Easily the hardest the Hydro team ever come face to face with. Props to everyone for trekking out to the badlands twice in the searing heat that day.
    Links to this year's previous drilling expeditions can be found at the links below:
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  3. Where is the "like" bottom?
    this looks really cool!!