Monday, January 17, 2011

From sprays to rotaries - a new micro-video!

I recently produced a micro-video for Miami-Dade Extension’s Urban Conservation Unit. This is the first video formally in service of the 2011 Water-Use Efficiency Program.

One of the many recommendations we make to homeowners (and homeowner associations) interested in increasing irrigation efficiency is to retrofit spray head sprinklers on their system with rotary (or rotator) nozzles. Spray heads apply large amounts of water in a very short time and are susceptible to wind drift. Rotary heads apply water more slowly and in stronger streams that resist wind.

Since many urban landscape irrigation systems in South Florida not only feature zones with mixed heads (sprays alongside the even slower applying rotor head)...

...but also use spray heads to irrigate low-maintenance shrubs, enhancing existing spray heads with rotary (or rotator) nozzles is an easy and effective retrofit – and entirely rebateable through this year’s rebate-centered program.

This video is the result of a property's invitation to me to retrofit all the spray heads on its system. I call it a micro-video because it was filmed and edited entirely on an iPod Touch 4G and features only me.

View the video here.


  1. Good work UCU! Hope that you get some feedback on these video posts - is there a way to require login to see how many people are viewing them?

  2. The UCU/FYN youtube page (here) has view counters next to each video. How accurate these are is questionable. Despite all the team's star-power, our most popular production to date features a guest contractor and is in Spanish.

  3. Hmmm... do you think this is because it is in Spanish or because the guest contractor has lots of fans?

  4. Good question. Probably a bit of both, and maybe a key word in the title/description has it pop up in searches.
    Short aside: during filming, the guest not only pulled out a torch(!) to run wire through a valve box, but also nearly cut his finger off (I kid you not). I don't want to think about the hit count had we kept that footage in.

  5. Everyone - what Mike forgot to mention about the video is that he is not only the start - but also did all of the filming. What talent!!